When dueling with an opponent you are required to play a match. If you win 2 duels out of 3 you win the match

Cheating will result in a Disqualification and you will be banned from the next tourament (cheat 3 times)

You may only use decks based off yugio zexal charaters decks

Only members from Yugioh Heroes may join 

A player may use side deck Only numbers can Defeat a differnt number 

Neo-Galaxy Eye Dragon and Galaxy Eye Dragon can distory a number card 


the Prize is you will be ranked up to top rank duelist allowing you to enter the up coming Grand Tourament



Roblox name:mew661


Added cards:Great White, Barrier statue of the torrent,Ummiruko,abyess Solider,sea serpent of darkness,Flying Kraken, Yomi ship

Removed cards:6

Side deck:Yes

Deck cards from: all

Username: HyperDevil

Roblox name: Dylman56

Deck: Astral

Added cards: Solemn Judgment, Solemn Warning, Mirror Force, Evilswarm Ouroborous and M-X-Saber Invoker.

Removed cards: 5

Side deck: Yes, 15.

Deck cards from: All



Roblox name:


Added cards:(up to 5)

Removed cards(this adds up to added cards count)

Side deck

Deck cards from:(Is the deck from the manga, anime, video game you may need them all to make it)

send this to mew661 on roblox