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i'm so exctied about the yugioh heroes battle city tournament i'm making here are the rules so far:

■Players must play with a Deck of at least forty cards.

■Players begin with 4000 Life Points.

■Players can only have up to 6 cards in his or her hand unless the card "Infinite Cards" is in play on his/her side of the field.

■One Normal Summon is allowed per player per turn. Monsters can be Summoned in face-up Attack Position, face-up Defense Position or face-down Defense Position.

■Level 4 or below monsters can be Summoned during a Normal Summon.

■Level 5-6 monsters needed one Tribute in order to Normal Summon.

■Level 7-9 monsters required two Tributes to Normal Summon.

■Level 10+ monsters required three Tributes to normal summon (e.g "The Winged Dragon of Ra", Level 10). ■When a Fusion Monster is Tributed, that monster is counted as a number of monsters equal to the number of Fusion Material Monsters that were used.[2]

■Fusion,synchro and xyz Monsters must wait one turn after they are Summoned before they can attack but if a effect,spell or trap card is actived that allow the target to attack again the fusion synchro and xyz monster can attack

■Replays are not an established mechanic. If a monster is removed from the field via the effect of a card such as "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" or "Magical Dimension", the attack is simply negated.

■ Set spells can be active on your opponent turn

■ all duels must be watch by me or a trainer or dlyman


battle city

all duels must take place on the dueling network

gods cards are allow

  • all divine beast and creator god are only affected by trap and spell for one turn
  • slifer,ra,obelisk,hamon,raviel,uria,wicked avatar,wicked eraser and the wicked dreadroot count as a divine beast
  • divine beast monster are not affected by monster distory trap and spells
  • always have watcher chat open just in case we stop the duel because we spot something wroing
  • bracket are posted here:
  • duels will be put up on youtube here: