On 27th of October at 6:00pm GMT (UK) time (times can be changed, just contact me (powerup123) on either the wikia ( or DN, where I'm also known as powerup123), I'm holding a Halloween tournament! The people who have applied are in brackets, and I've checked and agreed the decks with the ones who I've taken out of them. The rules are:

Has to be Halloween themed, so for example, Zombie, Dark, Fiend.

No meta at all!

No winning conditions eg. Last Turn, Exodia.

This is going to be a Traditional tournament. The only banned cards that are NOT allowed are Raigeki and Harpie's Feather Duster. You are allowed up to 3 banned cards.

All decks must be approved by me. I will not use these screenshots to my advantage or let anyone else have them and they will be kept confidencially. To send me the deck, please either send it to me via the DN forum or email me at with your DN name and your recipe in a link, preferably imgur.

Round 1 and Round 2 are Single Duels.

Round 3 and The Grand Final are Matches.

Good luck to all!

1. Powerup123

2. XatuAppraisal

3. Sloops

4. Kryptonite_Card

5. (CRiiTyKz)

6. (thegodoftheworld&you)

7. (Elite Command army)

8. (Simon Bolivar)

9. (blue eyes boy1234)

10. (callmesf1234)

11. (MirageFairy)

12. (psking777)

13. (roninman)

14. (yoshi4cookies)

15. (jbeggs394)

16. (kerbie (>:'))

17. (brooklyn rage35)

18. BlueEyesW

19. (Saimaster1)

20. (Blaze!)

21. (timetotum21)


23. riebread22

24. HarpieQueen