Tournament OverviewEdit

This Tournament is Going to Challenge You to Use a Starter or Structure Deck Listed Below to Win a Tournament.

Most Starter Decks Will Not be Used because of the Unbalanced Number of Cards.

Tournament Date: April 30th (Possibly Later if there Aren't Enough Competitors)

The Tournament Brackets Will be Posted the Day BEFORE the Tournament

Tournament Rules/Criteria:Edit

•MUST Speak Decent English

•NO Cheating

•No Trolling

•Only Cards Allowed to be Replaced are Cards that Are Nearly Impossible to Use on DN (Exchange, The Eye of Truth, Convolsion of Nature, Etc.)

•Cards Replaced Must Have an Effect Close to the Removed Cards Effect


Starter Deck 2006 (Link)

5D's Starter Deck (Link)

Dawn of the Xyz (Link)

Dragon's Roar (Link)

Zombie Madness (Link)

Blaze of Destruction (Link)

Fury from the Deep (Link)

Warrior's Triumph (Link)

Spellcaster's Judgment (Link)[Writer7 - DN:Writer7]

Invincible Fortress (Link)

Lord of the Storm (Link)

Dinosaur's Rage (Link)

Machine Re-Volt (Link)

Rise of the Dragon Lords (Link)

The Dark Emperor (Link)

Zombie World (Link)

Spellcaster's Command (Link)

Warrior's Strike (Link)

Machina Mayhem (Link)

Dragunity Legend (Link) [Milwaukee's Beast - DN:Riebread22]

Lost Sanctuary (Link)

Gates of the Underworld (Link)

Dragons Collide (Link) [MegaDiamond10 - DN:MegaDiamond10]