Hey there guys this is my Archetype. Well its basically 1 Archetype with 2 names. Its called "Lightning" and "DarkLightning". This Archetype basically Destroys cards. Some cards effects activate when they are summon. Now with out further and do. This is My Archetype.

Set Card
DLHT-EN001 DarkLightning Avian
DLHT-EN002 DarkLightning Grypho
DLHT-EN003 DarkLightning Magician
DLHT-EN004 DarkLightning Serpent From Another Dimension
DLHT-EN005 DarkLightning Sinister Champion
DLHT-EN006 Lightning Dragon
DLHT-EN007 Lightning Feral
DLHT-EN008 Lightning Fighter
DLHT-EN009 Lightning Sorceress
DLHT-EN010 Lightning Knight
DLHT-EN011 Call of the Lightning
DLHT-EN012 Lightning Core
DLHT-EN013 Lightning Sphere
DLHT-EN014 Lightning World
DLHT-EN015 Path of the Lightning God
DLHT-EN016 Lightning Attack
DLHT-EN017 Lightning Eruption
DLHT-EN018 Lightning Rage
DLHT-EN019 Lightning Strike
DLHT-EN020 Lightning Sword
DLHT-EN021 (Extra Deck) DarkLightning Beast of the Moon - Phantom Darkness
DLHT-EN022 (Extra Deck) Lightning Beast of the Sun - Phantom Thunder

Well that's it. Let me talk about abit about the cards. This Archetypes had its own Chaos monsters, and has a miniature version of BLS, Lightning Fighter this girl has its multiple attack version but during the end phase lets see the wounds she got in the battle phase. They got they own Gagaga monsters too. And of course we can't forgot the D.D. card, DarkLightning Serpent From Another Dimension is thoese the work you need. Lightning Feral its our Ryko but it doesn't flip.


Well you can do a combo with "DL Serpent", just activate the effect of "L Dragon" to special summon Serpent then you do the sitting game to send it to the grave.

With the Extra deck its kinda hard to Summon both "Phantom Darkness" and "Phantom Thunder". Cuz you need to rely on the chaos monsters and on "DL Magician".

Well i think that's all to say. I hope you liked my cards. And for those who are going to read my fan fic, you will get lucky ^^.--Laggia Will Lag You(Talk) 01:50, April 1, 2012 (UTC)