Yo. The cards I have chosen are my "Epic HERO" archetype. They are not to broken and not to suckish. I got the insperation from some of my friends, favorite TV shows/anime, and video games.

Well, here are the links:

HERO - EN001 Epic HERO - Blaze

HERO - EN016 Epic HERO - Deadman

HERO - EN015 Epic HERO - Paul

HERO - EN002 Epic HERO - Black Knight

HERO - EN021 Epic HERO - Barcibal

HERO - EN022 Epic HERO - Ying Yang Ha

HERO - EN033 Epic HERO - Powerup123

HERO - EN061 Epic HERO - Juuka

HERO - EN069 Epic HERO - Darkness

HERO - EN054 Epic HERO - VanFalcoFan4Ever

HERO - EN005 Epic HERO - Ace


HERO - EN051 HERO's Power

HERO - EN066 Epic HERO Force