This Contest Will Test You to Take 2 of the Archtypes Below & Create a Deck Based Around Them & Compete in a Tournament (on Dueling Network) to Decide the Winner.

Tournament Date will be Decided After at Least 16 People Have Entered the Tournament.

Place Your Wikia Name on DN Name Next to Your Selected Archtypes Like This - [WikiaName - DN:DName]

If There is an Archtype Missing from the List Message Me "MegaDiamond10" Letting me Know.

P.S. Inzektors, Vylons, Gem-Knights & Misc. Other 4th Gen Archtypes Will Not be Allowed in the Tournament (Because They Fall into One or Both Catagories)




•Deck MUST be 40 Cards! No More, No Less. (Suggestion - 22 Monsters,12 Spells & 6 Traps)

•Only 6 Monsters are Allowed to be Added to the Deck that are Not Part of the Selected Archtypes (Unless Unable to Use Otherwise)

•Only 3 Monsters Are Allowed to be Added to the Extra Deck that are Not Part of the Selected Archtypes

• NO Archtypes are to be Added to the List (Unless Added by Myself "MegaDiamond10")

•Try to Keep an Even Number of Monster's from Both Archtypes

•Two Archtypes Per Person and NO CHANGING!

•OTK, FTK & Looping Decks are Not Allowed

(Suggestions Would be Gladly Accepted!!!)

Ban List:Edit

•Any Card Not Allowed in Advanced Format is Banned (If That Was Not Clear Already)

•Rescue Rabbit (Banned)

•Brionac, Dragon of Ice Barrier (Banned)

•Wind-Up Honeybee (Limited)

•Wind-Up Shark (Semi Limited)

•Wind-Up Juggler (Limited)

•Wind-Up Rat (Semi Limited)

•Wind-Up Zenmaines (Limited)

•Fiendish Chain (Limited)

•Wind-Up Magician (Limited)

•Number 34. Terror-Byte (Limited)

•Blackwing Armor Master (Limited)


■ Alien

■ Ally of Justice

■ Amazoness

■ Ancient Gear

■ Arcana Force

■ B.E.S/Big Core

■ Batteryman

■ Blackwing [Saimaster1 - DN:Saimaster1]

■ Cloudian

■ Crystal Beast [Writer7 - DN:Writer7]

■ Cyber

■ Dark Scorpion

■ Dark World [Saimaster1 - DN:Saimaster1]

■ Destiny HERO

■ Djinn

■ Dragunity [awesome12 - DN:awesome12]

■ Earthbound Immortal

■ Elemental HERO [lixxi89 - DN:lixxi89]

■ Fabled

■ Flamvell

■ Forbidden One[Writer7 - DN:Writer7]

■ Fortune Lady [PrincessPikeruBFF-dn:princesspikeru1]

■ Frog [Milwaukee's Beast - DN:riebread22]

■ Gadget

■ Genex

■ Gladiator Beast

■ Gravekeeper's [lixxi89 - DN:lixxi89]

■ Harpie [PrincessPikeruBFF- dn:princesspikeru1]

■ HERO (Evil, Masked, Visor, Vision, Etc.)

■ Ice Barrier

■ Infernity [pedro1211 - DN:pedro1111]

■ Iron Chain

■ Junk

■ Jurrac

■ Koa' Ki Meiru

■ Lightsworn

■ Machina

■ Malefic

■ Meklord

■ Mist Valley

■ Morphtronic

■ Naturia

■ Neo-Spacian/Neos

■ Ninja/Ninjitsu Art [pedro1211 - DN:pedro1111]

■ Nordic

■ Ojama

■ Reactor

■ Reptilianne

■ Resonator

■ Roid

■ Scrap

■ Six Samurai (Legendary Six Samurai) [Milwaukee's Beast - DN:riebread22]

■ Synchron (and Synchro Counterparts) [MegaDiamond10 - DN:MegaDiamond10]

■ T.G. [awesome12 - DN:awesome12]

■ Toon


■ Volcanic

■ Watt

■ Wind-Up

■ X-Saber (XX-Saber) [MegaDiamond10 - DN:MegaDiamond10]